Monday, April 20, 2009

catching up

I decided to try rework my chapel speech from school into an article. Since I've never written an article before, its not very good. Plus when I copied and pasted, the format got all messed up. And I didn't want to take the time to fix it. So I said all that to say, my last post was that chapel speech/article. Please leave me comments about it! I'm hoping to do some more "articles" along the same lines but using songs for other things. I haven't decided what songs but maybe soon.

The last week was very busy. My grandparents and Joseph left Monday morning. We had a blast while they were here! Friday night we had Mr. Harold, Mrs. Wanda, Hunter and Haleigh over for gumbo. Saturday we went to downtown Baton Rouge. We went to the top of the capital building and then walked down by the river. We saw the USS Kidd but didn't go on it. It was overall a very enjoyable morning since we took things slow and just enjoyed seeing what we could see without spending any money. It was great! The rest of the time we played cards or Wii. I am sad to say that my Wii fitness age is apparantly 50. Yeah....I need to start working out more. In all fairness it did make me play tennis and baseball, which I had never done before. By Monday I was so sore from all those sports. Sad, I know. But you try playing wii for hours on end.

Monday night we grilled hamburgers. Justin and Belinda came over. We played Apples to Apples. I am so glad I finally broke down and bought that game!

Tuesday night we grilled pork chops. Josh and Kelli came over. I am so glad we are starting to have people over for dinner. Its so much more fun, plus it gives me incentive to actually cook. Thanks to Josh, I'm loving cooking on his charcoal grill he let us borrow! Grilled chicken tonight, yum! Well, I hope its good anyway. I need to figure out how to marinate it or something. I don't want just plain dry grilled chicken.

Wednesday was Bible study of course.

Thursday I went walking with a "neighbor". She lives a few streets over and we actually met online. (Long story.) Anyway she and I and her baby will be walking every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Pray for me and this situation...she has visited the church a few times but did not like what she saw because of the lack of enthusiasm with the singing and lack of young people. Her g'mother took her to a church of christ when she was growing up, but based on our conversation last week, her g'mother is attending a "church of christ" right now that has just decided to allow women song leaders and just hired a female youth leader. I feel like this is an open door but I am very...nervous. Please pray that I can say and do the right things to encourage her and maybe start a Bible study.

Friday night was the start of the Gonzales Marriage Seminar with Glenn and Cindy Colley. I cannot say enough about this! It was truly an amazing weekend! Nick and I were both very encouraged and excited. I am hoping to type up my notes from the seminar and post them on here in the next few days. Maybe someone else can benefit as well!

Saturday was just as good as Friday. Or maybe better...Nick and I tied with two other couples for "Mr. and Mrs. Happily Married of Southern Louisiana". Throughout the seminar we had played a few games and Nick and I got a perfect score! Which means, he picked my earring and shoe out of a pile on the first try and we answered the same question with the same answer without knowing what the other person said. I think they judged us on some other things too. Anyway we got a little gift bag with some of the Colley's books. Which was great! It was also really good to see and visit with them again. Mrs. Cindy really is a great encourager...I will remember that when I start having children and need a pick me up!

Well, I think that about brings me up to date. Except I must say two more things.

1. I love the music of Tyrone Wells and Chris August.

2. I love Nicholas Edward Stacks more every day and I am so happy that I said "yes" on November 10, 2007 and "I do" on June 27,2008.


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  3. Mol,
    I love hearing about your week. You two stay so busy...makes me tired reading all about it. Ha.
    I love Tyrone music too and I am glad you love Nick.
    and I love you,