Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday I got to keep Hailey all day. We had so much fun! First we watched Popeye, than she took a nap, than a little more Popeye, than 3 games of Candyland. She was pretty excited that she won all 3 games, even though Nick tried to cheat. Cheating to beat a 3 year old. Sad. :) She's great!

In the last couple of days it has been decided that we get to go to Australia in October!! The downside is that Roundhouse is probably out of the picture now, since it will be so close to the mission trip...I am really going to miss that especially since its the 20th year. I know it will be a really big deal with lots of memories. Makes me very sad to miss it. But I remind myself of the greater good being to spread the Gospel and that lifts my spirits again! I have been wanting to go on another mission trip since Ukraine 3 or 4 years ago. Its so wierd that it was that long ago. And its great that Nick gets to go too!! I am excited at the prospect of doing a ladies day, although a little nervous. Mrs. Cindy Colley put that idea into my head...doing ladies days. And to be honest, it does sound appealing. A little scary. The most daunting thought is putting together adequate lessons for mature ladies. But being in front of people doesn't make me as nervous as it used to. I guess thats a good thing! I remember my chapel speech at school and I wasn't really nervous at all. More excited. Not like it was in Ukraine in front of the teen girls. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Thankfully I seem to be over that fear now!
Plus, hello! Its Australia!! Gorgeous views! Long plane ride! AAAAAAHHHH so excited!!

Poor Maxmax. He has some sort of bacteria in his skin. It gave him tons of little bumps all over his body and he is losing hair around his eyes. Strange... Hopefully all of the meds we have him on will clear it up.

I need to do another article soon. Any ideas from my readers lol?

I feel sort of productive today. (Other than sleeping rediculously late). Maybe its because the sun isn't shining today so I don't want to go lay in the yard.


  1. Write an article on the Documentary Hypothesis.

    Or if you don't really wana do that you can write one about the church and entertainment. Oh wait, I might do that on thisgodlyfight so we can discuss it. Hmmmmmm... Sorry out of ideas.

  2. Mol,
    I am so glad you and Nick get to go on a mission trip together...and the best part is I get to have Max for a few weeks. I cannot wait...we are gonna have some fun.
    Love you,