Thursday, April 9, 2009

Giving it a try

I am trying this out. No idea if I'm going to be any good at it. I'm not good at keeping up with things and I'm especially no good at learning how to work new websites...but we'll see.

This weekend my grandparents and brother are coming to visit. I am pretty excited about that but starting to realize I won't have time to show them everything I would like. Maybe I will take them to St. Francisville so see some plantations...or Baton Rouge to see whatever we see. I just don't know. Friday night is gumbo night, than Saturday night we are grilling out. Its going to be a party all weekend! Which is great since this past week was grandmothers birthday and their anniversary. No I can't remember how old she is or how many years they have been married.

Max is crying. He isn't allowed in the back yard by himself anymore because he loves digging waaaayy too much. So now he is upset that I won't let him go.

This afternoon I am babysitting. I'm ready for them to get here because it has been so long since I got to keep any little ones! I miss my babies like crazy!!

Ok thats enough of a start...someone remind me to come back and write more another time.


  1. Fun stuff. Grandmother, Granddaddy and Joseph are here now. Yall are at the house cooking while I'm at the office working. Sad.

  2. Time to post another one, love.

  3. Mol you did an awesome job writing in your blog. I enjoyed it very much...keep it up I love to read what you are up to...Love you so much,JJ